SimuCell Script Examples

We created two scripts fully documented that cover a large number of plugins used in SimuCell to generate images :

  1. Microenvironmental:
    Script generating synthetic images of cells which demonstrate a 'micro-environmental' effect. More specifically, cells placed close to each other in the image will be similar, mimicing the effect that might be produced by a non-uniform distribution of some chemical over a microscopy plate. Such spatial correlation of phenotypes is also seen in tissue. with this in mind, we will construct a tightly packed arrangment of cells.

    example1 - Download - View Code
  2. Polarized:
    Script generating synthetic images of polarizing cells consisting of two subpopulations (cell types): one about to polarize and the other polarized. The cells are "stained" for 3 markers: The red and green marker represent the front and back during polarization, while a third blue marker is dependant on local cell density.

  3. example1 - Download - View Code